Bay Pines VA employees improve Veteran survey results

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“We’re in this Together”

November 17, 2023

By Michael Brock

Bay Pines VA Public Affairs Specialist

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Employees across Bay Pines VA are embracing a new philosophy toward patient care, and Veterans are taking notice.

During the summer, employees launched an internal campaign called “We’re in this Together” to address scores from the Veterans Signals VA Outpatient Survey.

Bay Pines VA’s Veteran Experience Officer Amy Whitaker announced that the organization earned a 91.5 percent rating for patient trust, which surpassed the national average.

“I’m immensely proud of the work everyone has done toward this initiative because it took all of us to exceed that standard. The goal of ‘We’re in this Together’ is to remind all of us that, no matter our specific jobs, we have a responsibility to work together to provide the best experience for those we serve.”

Nearly 110,000 Veterans entrust their health care to Bay Pines VA, which has facilities across 10 counties and is  currently commemorating 90 years of service in southwest Florida.

“We are consistently exploring ways that we can work collectively to make this organization better,” added Bay Pines Deputy Director Kristine Brown. “When we commit to one another everyone wins, and knowing this is vital because Veterans deserve to get our very best every time.”

Although the campaign’s primary purpose remains Veteran focused, the infusion of We’re in this Together has sparked a renewed passion and appreciation among employees as well. “Our director always says, ‘None of us is as good as all of us,” said Whitaker. “What’s happened over the past several months epitomizes that message.”

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